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Re: Premium Membership Question
Posted by Administrator
12/3/2012  9:51:00 AM
Hi Joe,

The answer to that is a little complicated.

I'll start with the simplest way to answer, which is that everything available to premium members is visible on the full website (but not the mobile -- something I need to update). If you're curious what we have right now, just browse around at the video lists of the various patterns on the full website, and you'll get the idea. Premium videos are the ones that say something to the effect of "upgrade to premium to view this video". In other words, there are no hidden videos that suddenly appear when you upgrade; The ones that are "blocked", so to speak, simply become unblocked. In this way, we are completely transparent in what we offer for the price of the upgrade, so very few people are ever surprised (except pleasantly, of course, when we add new stuff).

The syllabus itself is a list of the basic patterns, but when you click on the link to one of the patterns, it gives you all the details. Those details include a list of available videos, a breakdown of the man's and lady's parts in a chart, and a list of patters that can precede or follow the current one -- including any stipulations, such as "Left Box Turn can be followed by Twinkle -- when Box is ended with man facing diagonal wall."

In many of our syllabus patterns, combinations are shown as additional videos in the video list. For example, in the Left Box Turn in American Waltz, (http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Dances/info.asp?sid=107), the last two videos are the "Quarter Turn Change" combo, and the "3/8 Turn & Change" combo, both showing you ways to combine Left and Right Box Turns with basic Forward Changes.

This is, of course, always a work in progress, so we're always trying to add new things. Not every pattern has associated combinations, and that's partly because some patterns need them more than others, and partly because we just haven't gotten that far yet.

As for what's coming next, our main focus will be on full instructional videos (for inclusion in membership, not for sale as physical DVD's). We've already filmed instructional videos of the entire bronze syllabus in International Latin and American Rhythm, and we will be doing the same for Smooth and Standard in January. Editing and uploading of these videos will take place over the course of the next year. Some of these videos have small amalgamations built right into the instruction.

The idea of the filming of combinations with instruction was floated and even brought to the stage of loose planning, such that with leftover time in our most recent video shoot, we had hoped to be able to include some. Unfortunately that didn't happen this time, but there are many more video shoots planned for the future. In January, we're once again hoping to have some time for combinations with instruction for our ballroom shoot, particularly for Int'l Standard where we feel they are the most important.

At any rate, as I mentioned, you can look to see what's available now, and if it's enough you can upgrade. If not, keep checking back, since the next few months should bring lots of great new material, especially in the instructional video department. By the way, if you haven't seen our instructional video samples yet, we have three of them you can look at now:

Jonathan Atkinson
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