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Re: Leader and Follower
Posted by belleofyourball
12/19/2012  12:33:00 PM
I haven't read the article but I am going to guess what was meant is that the two partners should be equal in the movement...if you think about it the woman does lead sometimes....whenever she is going forward and her partner backwards which does happen in the course of a dance...but the partners should balance each other...move together, create powerful movements across the floor which means one can't be dragging the other. But if nobody is leading...then how will you stop if another couple is in your way? Do you just charge forward like a mindless beast doing a series of steps you have memorized but don't do with heart? Because that is what this boils down to...if there is no lead then there is just choreography that two people have learned to do simultaneously and in that case what is the point of ballroom dancing in the first place?
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