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Re: Tango Walks
Posted by socialdancer
12/29/2012  2:13:00 PM
The Guy Howard (IDTA) technique is in line with those theories Jonathan and specifically mentions the more forward poise and the fact that the man is in control of the movement in the back corte or reverse turns, resulting in the heel release.

So the next question is:
What does the right foot do during a rock back on the left foot? The technique says it is replaced on a heel but what happened to the toe?
Re: Tango Walks
Posted by Waltz123
12/31/2012  3:57:00 PM
When you're dancing the LF back rock as man, you have what amounts to two footwork choices: (1) Release the heel of the front foot as usual, then replace to a ball-heel, or (2) release the toe of the front foot, and then replace to heel.

If you were wondering about a third choice, don't. Releasing the heel of the RF, then quickly flipping up the toe to replace to a heel is awkward and unnecessary. While there are most certainly circumstances where we might begin a step with the toe in contact with the floor, and then flip up the toe at the last moment to take a heel lead (first step of promenade being a fine example), the positions and timing of that second step of the rock make it a poor candidate for such a foot action.

So assuming we all agree that's not an option, we are left with the first two. Now the ISTD specifically wants you to replace to a heel, suggesting that choice #2 is in fact the correct one. So I would recommend using that for your next exam, and probably also a competition. But I think you would be forgiven if, in other situations, you were to take that step in a manner consistent with all other LF back steps with left side leading in Tango, thereby replacing to a ball-heel. Me? I actually prefer it.

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