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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by rgswoohoo
1/3/2013  5:48:00 PM
as a single guy myself:

I admit my reason for wanting to dance was when I started seeing different womens' profiles and seeeing that 99.9% of them loved to dance I figured dancing would be a good skill to add to my repertoir to help me meet women more easily.

And, yes, we do have egos. My idea of learning to dance was I wanted to be that one flashy showy guy on the floor that all the ladies swooned over. Little did I know it would take eons too reach that level. But I rememberbeing at dances where everyone else was dancing but me, and it was because I didn't know how to do what they were doing, but yet it looked fun and they were having a good time. And one of the hinderances in taking lessons is that you don't want to look lioke a fool for not being able to do it. Now for any guys who are still hanging on the fence who might happen to read this .... you are going to have to start somewhere. Preferably at the begining. It is going to be a slow painful process. AND you are going to make PLENTY of mistakes before you get it right. If you are going to start at all you have to be willing to look like a fool, and you will look and feel like one, and approach it from the view point that says, "I'm not that flashy guy on the floor ....YET!"

and since I have started dancing ....
I don't consider myself to be the most attractive guy, but I have been dancing for a few years now and it amazes me the amount of women who WANT to dance with me because I can do it and show them a good time (my enjoyment is in making sure the lady is enjoying herself), some of them some really beautiful exotic women, hmmm
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