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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by anoneemouse
1/17/2013  10:57:00 AM
Thoughts on this topic, and I realize this is an OLD thread..but hey...

It took me forever to come out of my shell and dance. I remembering watching my ex of 16 years dance the Bachata with a guy once. She said "YOU should have been dancing the Bachata with me".

New Year's eve 2012, I danced with so many women, not formal, just social Salsa dancing. Broke my heart to tell a husband "hey go dance with your wife" and have him say "no, it's ok, you go dance with her". I saw her sitting there, on the sidelines, watching life go by. She lit up when I asked her to dance. Was it a matter of seduction or impropriety? Not at all. It was all about being alive.

Dance can be as intimate or not as you make it. For some, it is crucial and the idea of a different partner can evoke jealousy and even rage. The love of my life is an avid dancer. I am learning the Bolero. Why? Because I am never going to miss out on any chance to be there with the woman I love ever again, enjoying those moments. I am certainly not worried about her dancing with other partners, that's not the point. If you love someone, you want THEM to be there enjoying those moments in life. I know she can dance circles around me. Will I stop learning? Heck no, that is already failing...to not do IS the ONLY true failure.

My advice to males who love their partners and are challenged by the idea of dancing...get off your @sses, live your life to the fullest, you only have this one. And this is by no means meant as a judgment as much as it is a stern warning from a very real life experience.
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