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Re: Please can you help?
Posted by dheun
2/24/2013  2:15:00 PM
Pretty fast song for a partner dance for a couple that doesn't have a lot of experience. Maybe some sort of choreographed freestyle dance would be fun. Other suggestions are solid. Go see a dance instructor and ask for ideas and maybe a preview of what the dance could look like.
Re: Please can you help?
Posted by Voco
2/24/2013  10:54:00 PM
Walking on Sunshine is more like a Jive, I agree with the prior comments, there is no way you can learn a presentable Jive in a few weeks, even if your instructor is a genius.

Some suggested Swing, however, you would probably count every second beat as one beat if you dance Swing. Too difficult for a beginner. Please talk with a dance instructor and chose a slower song. I still say that Night Club Two Step is your best bet. In my opinion, it is easier to present it than Swing. But make a decision together with your instructor.
Re: Please can you help?
Posted by francoT
2/28/2013  3:33:00 PM
I agree with the first comment. Night Club Two Steps would be the easiest for you and your husband to learn and practice. It's simple and fun to dance without paying too much attention with your body movement unlike the wedding dances like Rumba, Waltz and Foxtrot.

Jive would be too fast for beginners and hustle steps would be complicated for beginners. Night Club Two Steps can be danced to slow music or a little faster music. In my personal experience, though, Lady in Red and I always love you are The best musics for Night Club Two Steps.


Re: Please can you help?
Posted by tangoll
3/1/2013  12:57:00 AM
Just saw this youtube video of Night Club 2 Step, to Chris de Burgh's tune, "Lady in Red". A very good suggestion.

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h10cEpOSvs >
Re: Please can you help?
Posted by Patman08
3/5/2013  9:22:00 AM
The simplest thing to do would be to go onto Youtube and type in 'Wedding Dance tutorial'. You will find hundreds on videos relating to that subject. Hope this works!
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