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Re: I cant watch the website
Posted by Administrator
3/11/2013  4:31:00 PM
David replied by email that he is using an iPhone.

With iOS you have two choices:

(1) Use the full website, http://www.ballroomdancers.com/
To use the full website, you need to make an adjustment to your user settings. Log in to your user account, then click on the custom settings tab. Scroll down to video viewing options, and select "Quicktime". Click the save/update button, then return to the Learning Center. After that, the website will play the videos in Quicktime format, which plays on all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc).

(2) Use our mobile website, http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/
Our mobile website was designed for iOS, so it plays the videos automatically without the need for any adjustments. The mobile site is generally a better choice for iPhone, because it's formatted to fit smaller screens. With iPad you could go either way. By the way, if you add the mobile site to your home screen, it will function almost exactly like an iPhone app. It's the best possible way to experience our website on your phone!

Jonathan Atkinson
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