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viewing the videos
Posted by jtlamp
3/14/2013  12:48:00 PM
worked fine the first week, except for a popup 'only secure content is displayed' keeps reappearing, i just closed it and went on. Recently the videos won't play at all, the little display area has a different look, a thin line across the middle that has a 'play', 'pause' button, but nothing plays. I've cleared the cookies several times reloaded both quicktime and adobe, and changed my security settings. No Good.
Re: viewing the videos
Posted by Administrator
3/14/2013  11:51:00 PM
Hi Jtlamp,

The "Only secure content is displayed" message was brand new to me, so I did a little research. Turns out it's specific to Internet Explorer 9 or later, when displaying web pages based on secure protocol (i.e. https).

The solutions page on Microsoft's website explains that the error message is always displayed when there is a combination of secure and non-secure content on a page, and by default it will not display content that is not secure.

Now before I continue, just in case you are not aware, I should give you a quick primer what "non-secure" means. It does not carry the negative implications that the name seems to imply. Most web pages on the internet are non-secure in these terms; In fact, the only applications for which you need a truly secure connection are those that require heavy encryption, such as for the purpose of submitting credit card information for a purchase. Watching a video on a basic web page does not require this kind of secure connection.

So the question in your case is: Why is your browser expecting any of the elements on the page to be secure? The fact is, none of them should be. So the first place I would look is the page itself -- specifically, the URL (i.e. address) that you're using to visit the page. Does it start with the normal "http://" prefix, or does it have an "S", as in "https://"? If it does indeed include that S, your problem will be simple to resolve: Remove the S. The address should be http://www.ballroomdancers.com/ etc.

Assuming that's the problem, the fix was easy. But it leaves us with the question, How did you end up on a secure version of the video page in the first place? We could chalk it up to a fluke, but if it happens again sometime, I'd be interested to know the source of the link that took you there.

In the unlikely event that you are looking at a normal web page that begins with http:// and Internet Explorer is still complaining about a combination of secure and non-secure items, we have a much more complicated problem. In that case, please right-click on the page, select the menu option "view page source", then copy the code you see and paste it into an email to me. I am the admin @ this website.

Jonathan Atkinson
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