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Re: Which syllabus does this site follow?
Posted by Administrator
3/20/2013  8:29:00 PM
[continued from previous post -- please view entire topic]

A tremendous amount of research has gone into this syllabus over the past 18 years. We've attended innumerable competitions, social dances and other types of events taking scrupulous notes on what not only the best dancers are doing, but what the general public enjoys. We have consulted leading professionals in the industry, both social and competitive, and continue to do so to this day. We've combined this information with sound pedagogic principles to bridge the gap, one step at a time, from the student's first box step through the most complex professional competitive routine. You will start to see this unfold as we add the gold level to our website next year, and the picture should be complete when gold star is finished.

So back to your original question: Will you be learning the "correct stuff"? The answer, of course, is Yes. When you study any other syllabus, be it one of the chains, ISTD, DVIDA or otherwise, you will come away with enough understanding of the material to dance that one syllabus. To transition to another would be an undertaking, and to dance with someone trained in another would be limiting. The BallroomDancers.com syllabus will give you the basic tools to understand the construction of literally any other American style syllabus. Once you have the tools, you will understand how to quickly and easily put them together in whatever combinations your particular school or teacher prefers.

Jonathan Atkinson
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