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Corta Jaca lead foot?
Posted by pakarinen
4/6/2013  7:45:00 AM
(Posted this under the video - not sure it propagates here, so excuse me if this is a double post.)

Briefly - I saw a couple dancing a corta jaca with the lead moving his *right* foot forward and back. What was that? Just a variation? Thanks!
Re: Corta Jaca lead foot?
Posted by O.Z.
4/7/2013  5:48:00 PM
Corta Jaca. Walter Lairds Book. Starting on the mans RF the count is
1. 1/2. 1/2 .1/2. 1/2. In Slows and Quicks. S. Q. Q. Q. Q. Number of step 5
Footwork .Heel Flat. Heel. Flat. Toe. Flat. A very famous dancer told us. If you dont like a step then throw it out. The chances are you may never feel comfotable with it. Thats what I did with Corta Jaca's.
Re: Corta Jaca lead foot?
Posted by Franco
4/9/2013  4:31:00 PM
This discussion is interesting and I can't help but join. I am only a social ballroom dancer, mostly LATIN, and don't compete, however, I had taken several lessons from famous dance instructors, former champions and adjudicators like Ron Montez, Corky Ballas, The late Chris Morris to name a few. I also studied some of their tapes.

I learned to use a1, a2 when doing the corta jaca. The man starts with his right foot when dancing the corta jaca in the promenade position (someone mentioned this in this discussion), lady on his right side. He starts with his left foot when doing it facing his partner. Left foot forward with weight on the heel followed with right foot forward with a simultaneous transfer of weight to the right foot( a1 ). Left foot back with weight on his left toe followed with right foot back with a simultaneous transfer of weight to the right foot ( a2 ). Repeat as you wish.
Re: Corta Jaca lead foot?
Posted by pakarinen
4/10/2013  5:30:00 AM
The case I was referring to had the couple facing each other with the lead moving his right foot forward and back. Interesting note about PP corta jacas.
Re: Corta Jaca lead foot?
Posted by socialdancer
4/10/2013  12:07:00 PM
Having the man move his RF forward and back is the equivalent of a reverse Corta Jaca in the same way that we have natural and reverse basic movements.

The ISTD technique says under Notes: "After step 7 the man may dance 1-7 of lady's Corta Jaca while the lady dances the man's steps."

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