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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by ballroomchick
4/15/2013  11:07:00 AM
I've experienced both.

I was with Arthur Murry's for a SHORT awhile and they were all about that $150 - 40 min lesson. They were there to milk the cow as long as possible without providing much technique to what was being taught. 40 mins of a rumba box without the ability to explain HOW my under instructor wanted me to move - REALLY??? - pretty expensive.

I was taking group classes at an independent ballroom studio too. I went early and watched instructors working with their students. I was NOT impressed with the ones who "cheated" on steps (walked by the student) but wanted the student to execute the properly.

I heard one instructor telling his student couple he couldn't figure out what they were doing wrong in their rumba. ???

There were other good instructors who provided fantastict instruction. Answered questions. Sat on the floor to move/show proper foot movment when needed.

I also went to the showcases this studio held and watched how the instructors presented their students. I was surprised, some showcases were all about the instructor while other showcases were about the student. Then there was the showcase by the instructor who could figure out what was wrong with his couple's rumba. .....I was embarrassed for that couple. Their "costumes" were appalling and the number was like they had had no instruction at all. They would have been better off if they had dressed as though they were going to a social dance.

I have been happy with the instructor I chose. He makes showcase about the student, NOT himself! The showcase tells a story to the music, NOT a bunch of random school figures. I like how he teaches his students. I pay WAY under $100 a lesson depending upon how many lessons I buy at one time. AND the lessons are a full hour! I'm also responsible for floor fees of $10 to $15 per hr. That all still adds up to less than $100 each lesson.

My instructor and his wife are 5 time Rhythm Champions.

The Arthur Murry instructor told me I would NEVER be able to place in competition -I was too tall. He came to this conclusion when he and the studio manager (also an instructor) tried to compete outside the Arthur Murry Family. They placed dead last, each heat, in every type of dance. Their conclusion, they were the tallest dancers so THAT was the reason. This is SOOOO false. Had they been able to execute the steps in smooth properly they should have been able to place high do to their height.

(Oh and FYI - my instructor is 5' 11')
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