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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by ladydance
4/19/2013  2:09:00 PM
The chain studios are super friendly because they know it is harder to leave when you think you are hurting someone's feelings. As for being told you have 'talent', they tell everyone that. Friendliness is not only found at a chain school. Independent studios ( I manage one) can do friendly. We make an effort to greet everyone who comes in, we know their names and their stories. We have world class coaches come in to teach at a much lower cost than you pay for your FADs trained instructor. We are inclusive, anyone can come to our parties and we do not poach other studio's students. Our students can go anywhere to dance and we will not make them feel guilty. Most importantly, we do not hold anyone back. Not everyone progresses at the same rate and good dedicated dancers can move on quickly.
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