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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by khrsr1-dance
5/4/2013  6:41:00 AM

Hi, there are studios made up, as a whole, of independent instructors. Its the best of both worlds! I work along side of some of the best pro's in the u.s and we are all independent. We pay floor rent, and the studio owner offers group classes and host partys that the instructors attend. You can have your cake and eat it too! However, even though these types of studios offer partys and group classes, its not there bread and butter. They make their living off teaching you to dance, not by breaking out in song every time you walk through the front doors! If you can live without needing constant attention, and want quality instruction, then I would start looking for studios like this. I encourage my students to not only attend our partys, but to attend as many dance events as they can find. Beware of studios, or teachers that discourage you from this. A confident teacher, or studio will not fear losing their clients to other studios. This will speak volumes in reguard to their teaching ability! Also keep this in mind when looking for your "perfect match" in a teacher, there are tons of great dancers out there, but far less good instructors. A teachers personal body of pro-work may not best speak for their teaching ability. The best instructors, are also the best students, so look for a teacher that is always hungry to add to their own education! A teacher that is constantly spotted getting coached themself on how to better their craft will always be better than one with an inflated ego of selfworth. Really watch how they communicate with you, and their peers. You have to see if their style works for you, just like any relationship. Hope this helps...Cheers, and good luck...
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