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Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Carolyn1016
5/13/2013  1:34:00 PM
Thanks for your reply! I may need more advice from you about shoes when I am ready to start dancing again. I had a hemi-implant done on May 2, and the cast removed today. You are so right about the importance of elevating the foot post-op. That was really the only thing that kept the pain under control for the first couple of days, and the pain meds made me too loopy. My back and legs are sore now from lack of exercise, so I am very motivated to get back on track again! Isn't it something what we will endure for the sake of dancing!! And I am a real beginner at age 59, so I have to get moving! Just took the dog for a walk -- It's slow going, but I can do it! Yay!
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