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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Meg
5/21/2013  11:52:00 AM
My parents and I have been taking lessons at Arthur Murray for five years. Doing so , we have been to all three studios in the district. Each one has a different feel. At our studio, the instructors are all friendly and it is easy to tell that it is genuine. They never pressure us to pay for things we don't want to do. They also do not hold us back. My instructor recognized my progress and gives me advanced technique that he knows I am capable of doing. I can talk to any of the staff about things that are troubling me and they are a great support system. The curriculum is excellent and we are always exposed to new things. The students are all like a family. We constantly get together outside of the studio. The teachers honor the rule of no fraternization outside the studio. The other studios in the district are not as great. An instructor at one studio is always goofing off. The group classes I've done there have been too basic and the students are loud and annoying. Female instructors only dance with females from their own studio. Having observed Fred Astaire students and instructors, I am glad we do AM. Fred Astaire does not teach social dancing. Their students looked constantly bored and the teachers showed off too much. They are not considerate on the dance floor.
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