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Re: can you teach even with no dance experience?
Posted by belleofyourball
6/21/2013  1:22:00 PM
Well...sure go ahead and start teaching with no experience. Charge people upwards of $150 for 45 minutes for something you are not competent in or qualified to do and next month those posts about how people feel angry and got ripped off by the chains.....yeah they will be talking about you.

I bet you wouldn't be okay with paying that much to someone who had no experience.

It takes years to be a competent dancer and not a shine-ola shoveler. Until you've had real experience in ballroom and know what you are doing...from technique to arm styling to steps, sway....and heaven help us....hold and proper follow/lead don't imagine you can teach.

If you want to learn to dance....please do learn. You are never too old and you can have a great time...but stay away from that studio....they obviously have no ethical qualms in taking money for a service they clearly do not mean to provide.
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