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Re: Another Name For Advanced Box
Posted by nloftofan1
7/17/2013  8:30:00 AM
The slip pivot as I described it is one step. From the USISTD American Style Ballroom Silver Syllabus (described the same way in at least one other book I have): "Slip Pivot: Is taken from Fallaway Position and consists of one step which turns left. The Man steps 'RF back in CBMP LF held in CBMP', slipping Lady to step 'LF forward in CBMP RF held in CBMP' to end in Closed Position. This is when the actual Pivot occurs. The moving leg is in CBMP and the free leg is always held in CBMP."

I'm really not trying to get into a debate with experts about technical stuff. This definition meshes with another part of the figure, as I was taught it. When I was first introduced to the figure during the Neolithic era, and wrote down my understanding of what the instructor said (I was pretty much a beginner then), steps 1-3 are just the first half of a box. [I just checked my old notes: "1/2 box turning 1/4 L into Promenade (Fallaway)"]

Much more recently, another professional instructor started off the figure with a Bronze Twinkle. Since (according to the USISTD definition of Slip Pivot) step 4 starts in PP (Fallaway), step 3 needs to end in PP (Fallaway). Whether you call steps 1-3 a twinkle or not is unimportant. The simple (possibly incorrect) view I have of a Bronze Twinkle is that it's 1-3 of a box turning the lady into PP at the end.

I also know (from experience) that different instructors sometimes teach a particular element or figure differently. Conclusion: There's no single "right" way to do something in dancing.
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