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Re: Plantars Fascitis in both feet....can't dance!
Posted by depiante
7/17/2013  6:51:00 PM
I'm a novice dancer, but I am an experienced youth soccer coach. I've helped a lot of boys with plantar fasciitis. I've also had it pretty severely myself and have treated it successfully. You have my sympathy! Especially getting out of bed in the morning!

The most important first step is to understand what is causing the problem. If you do not have a life-long history of the problem, then the most likely culprit is your shoes. They need to provide good support and have adequate cushioning. When I have had boys get plantar fasciitis on the soccer team, I insist that they get rid of their shoes and get a high quality pair.

As you look for and eliminate the cause, you need to do exercises that will stretch the calf and Achilles tendon. There are many different exercises (you can find them all over the internet), and it helps to mix them up. Some are more effective on different parts of the mechanism, and it's hard to say which one will help the most or get at the exact thing that needs the most stretching.

Of course, a few extra pounds would make the problem worse if that were the case. But that problem can be a lot harder to solve.

Young boys heal pretty quickly, but I never had a boy out for more than 2 weeks, no matter how severe his case. I had a really bad case and once I got good shoes and exercised consistently, the pain vanished completely and has never returned. It took about 2 weeks.

Good luck.


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