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Re: Alemana
Posted by Waltz123
7/27/2013  7:02:00 PM
As for changing the names of the steps. Is there in the latest technique books a Switch Turn.

Absolutely, yes.

If you had taken the time the read my reply above in detail, you would have understood that the ISTD Latin technique book contains both the switch and the spot turn, with the switch being illustrated in chart form and the spot turn in a written paragraph.

About changing the names and giving pet names to the different figures If this is allowed to continue it will become out of control.

The only term we introduced into the mainstream was "walkaround". Actually, the term itself has been mainstream for many decades -- It's used by Arthur Murray schools to describe their version of the switch/spot turn. The only thing we're doing is applying a more specific meaning, in the context of Int'l Latin. But we didn't make that up, either. It's been floating around in the ether for years.

Giving names to various actions helps with identification. When something hasn't been "officially" identified, expect the masses to fill the void. Nature abhors a vacuum. Over time, the best nomenclature rises to the top, and everything else falls by the wayside. It is exactly as it should be.

There may be other names people use to identify the difference between the version of the spot turn taken on a straight line and one that travels around a circle or triangular path; If there are, I am not aware of them. At any rate, whether we say "walkaround" or find some other term, it is undoubtedly an improvement over saying, "You know, the spot turn where you dance on a circle, not the one where you dance on a straight line". Being concise with our communication is, after all, the very reason we give names to things.

You may prefer to stick to one single interpretation of the spot turn, both in execution and in naming. You should realize, however, that the majority of the dance teaching community has moved on and accepts multiple interpretations, including the switch turn, as well as both versions the spot turn: The one danced on a straight line, and the circular/triangular one. And they're all officially sanctioned by the ISTD, and have been for well over a decade.

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