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Re: Scarlet Ribbons Waltz
Posted by waynelee
8/4/2013  8:13:00 PM
Hello Jocelyn,

While most of us can easily give you links to these songs, I have a better suggestion for you. Being a dance teacher, basic searches for songs is very important technique to develop. There are so many times a student will want to dance to a particular song, or particular version.

The first place all my teachers search is iTunes. It seems as though all the studios that I have been in have iTunes up and running on their music computer. For a very small fee, you can download songs from the iTunes vast music directory. Also, Amazon.com has a massive mp3 library of tunes that challenge iTunes in the number of songs on file. Both of these sites have a sampling of the music so you can listen to it before purchasing.

Another site on the internet that is increasingly popular with the dance community is YouTube. You can find a great variety of songs there, including two you are looking for. The difficult part of YouTube is the inability to easily download these songs to your computer. However, there are many third-party vendors that have software to do this. Or, by using Firefox as your browser (instead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer), you can use a plug-in that, with just one click, can download anything from YouTube onto your computer.

I think that it is very important for you, a dance teacher, to develop the basic computer skills to search for, and download, music.
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