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Newbie Dancing Question: 'Placholder' Moves?
Posted by Shades
8/24/2013  11:25:00 PM

Andrew here. I recently made the decision (for several reasons) to learn how to dance. After some foundation level courses, I signed up for a full instruction package at what appeared to be the best choice available to me in terms of location and availability: Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

It's been a blast so far. I've improved my posture, body language, and social confidence, all great things to experience. I fear, however, that the "honeymoon" may be over. Among other things, I just found out that the Hustle I've been practicing for just over a month actually consists of placeholder moves that are apparently much better suited to swing dancing than the actual Hustle.

I found out last week when they started teaching me that actual moves that are making the placeholders obsolete. It didn't seem like a big deal at first, but the more I think it over, the more frustrating and deceptive this practice seems to me.

I love the cadre at Arthur Murray, but I entered into an agreement with the understanding that I was being taught the correct moves for the dances I would learn. Is it common for beginners to be taught in this manner? If I were to seek out a different studio or instructor am I likely to encounter this with them as well?

I'll definitely be taking this up with the studio in question, but as a neophyte dancer I need to know what I ought to realistically be expecting from my selected course of instruction. I was only barely comfortable with such an expensive agreement in the first place. This new development may tip the scales against continuing my lessons here.

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