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Re: Teacher/Students Etiquette
Posted by LadySamba
9/5/2013  8:17:00 AM
@terrier4581...There is more to this story....I had only lost my husband.dance partner to brain cancer a year before all this happened. The unethical issue is that he crossed boundaries with a student when he asked me for a personal loan. Yes, I kick myself every day for being so trusting and for allowing this to happen..I should have known better and should have listened to that little voice within me telling me not do it.

I heard his story and I felt bad for him. If he didn't get the loan he would lose his business and could no longer teach. I was led to believe he had a huge student base and that there would be no problem paying back the money. (I should have done my research and background check because now I know he has done this before). He went into a legal and binding contract with me to repay the money. I made the mistake of trusting an unscrupulous individual. I am not out of thousands of dollars, and have no dance instructor because I can't trust any of them anymore. This is very sad because there are MANY upstanding teachers out there and this particular ones ruins it for all. Did I mention he had had 2 years to pay me back, or at the least attempt to pay me back and didn't do so. I finally had no choice but to hire an attorney.

There is no excuse for his behavior, and I have no other recourse than to file a formal complaint so it doesn't happen to another student. I found this on the NDCA website;

NDCA Code of Ethics

II. Maintain a Professional Relationship
A. A dance teacher respects a student's right to privacy and should focus on the business relationship – not the student's personal life. In most cases, conversations, behavior and results should remain confidential. If requested by the student , identity may be kept confidential as well.
B. Physical contact should be professional and appropriate at all times during instruction.
C. A dance teacher should never sexually, economically or otherwise exploit his or her professional relationship with a supervisor, employee, colleague, client or student. Furthermore, sexually oriented jesting and inappropriate physical contact should be avoided at all times.
D. If the dance teacher is unable to maintain a professional relationship no matter why, then it is incumbent upon the dance teacher to either terminate the relationship or refer the student to an appropriate professional.
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