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Re: How do you dance in your country?
Posted by ballroomchick
9/27/2013  11:21:00 AM
I'm in the U.S. We have LOTS of places to dance all week long in my neck of the woods!

There are 7, Friday night studio parties all with in a 30/45 min driving distance of each other. There are dancers from ages 13 up to 80 at these parties.

West Coast Swing:
There are 2 studio parties mid week JUST for this type of dance alone.

If you want to get all dressed up in formal wear there is 1 party a month that has a live band. This is the older group ages 60 to 80, but anyone can go dance with this bunch. They usually have about 100 attend each dance.
This dance moves from a Jewish Temple's ballroom to a recreation/gymnastics/stage studio hall.

If you want restaurant dancing areas, we have them!

There are several restaurants that are strictly salsa where you get mainly "street" salsa dancing. This is a live band and IT IS ALWAYS PACKED!

West Coast Swing and Rumba are played at one smokey bar with a wood dance floor.

There is another restaurant that switches from all salsa to all Latin dancing.

Once a month there is a milonga party at a bakery down town.
The other milonga parties move from place to place so you have to watch the announcement boards.

Country Western:
Several studios hold C&W parties during the week.

On the weekend there are 2 groups that hold L A R G E - C&W parties in once a month events.

We have a good many Country Western dance halls.
However, in the last year 3 or 4 of them have closed down. Not that they were having trouble keeping a crowd going, they just got a GREAT buy out offer. Oh and there are folks of all ages dancing at the C&W events.
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