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Re: How do you dance in your country?
Posted by jj2046
10/25/2013  12:55:00 AM
I come fm Hong Kong, 32yrs old, learned ballroom dancing for 3 years. In HK, ballroom dancing is reqarded as an old school dancing. When you telling the others you love ballroom dancing, they will say "what?! you are very young, what an old fashion sport !!" ..........BUT, i really love it, lol

I take 2-3 lessons per week and started fm 2012, i keep practicing at every Sat. But the problem is, i am 163 cm (with heel), it's hard to find a partner (esp you wanna find a girl younger than 40.) and thus, my leading is really poor :(

Anyway, i really love ballroom dance and wanna join any competition if possible ......lol
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