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Re: Tips for teacher
Posted by ladydance
12/22/2013  5:17:00 AM
Ok, maybe insulted was too strong a word, awkward definitely. I have never seen money given, in my limited experience of 10 years working in a studio (Canada). So maybe it is common elsewhere but I honestly haven't seen it EVER. Perhaps it is the way we do business, I take care of payments, rarely do the students pay the instructor directly so to suddenly hand them $20 would be odd for everyone.
As for your 'interesting thought', you are comparing apples to oranges. If a company I work for gives me a bonus, it is for performance. The company has clients. Often the company gives gifts to clients as a thank you for being a client. We should be giving our clients (students) gifts, not the other way around. The dance studio is the employer of the instructors, the students are the clients. If the studio decided to give the instructors a bonus, they would happily accept it. The clients pay us for a service, there is no reason why at Christmas, they should pay extra under the guise of a christmas gift.
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