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Re: Ads over the video screen
Posted by Administrator
1/15/2014  10:04:00 AM
Hi Don,

I would take the time to debug this for you, but as it happens the timing has worked out in such a way that I won't need to. We just liquidated all of our DVD inventory recently, and I no longer need to advertise the DVD's in that particular spot. So I just removed it altogether.

FYI, I will eventually be putting something there in its place -- not sure what yet, but probably not an ad. Whatever it is, I'll let you know when I get around to it, and I'll take extra care to check the way it looks in as many browsers as possible. However, I can't check Safari on OS 10.5.8, so I may be contacting you to help verify that it's not a problem when the time comes.

Thanks for letting us know!

Jonathan Atkinson
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