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Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by Sophia
3/25/2014  11:04:00 AM
Has it ever happened to you that your KSM leather shoes lost their color ? I just worn mine a couple of times and white color underneath the beige is coming out. thanks. i however do love their look and comfort. ghe sale rep says it is normal ....
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by Odie calderin
4/4/2014  5:22:00 PM
Ladies, my best friend and I both being contemporary dancers started our own dance shoe company. I love heels but after dancing in them for hours they became a lot more of a burden. Soooo I decided to buy me a cute pair of dance flats and they're weren't any so we designed some models and with he help of very talented designers we were able to come up with cute flat dance shoes that can be worn everywhere (outdoors/indoors). We have lots of styles and are in the process of manufacturing the best possible prototypes. Like our page on facebook for more updates. We'll soon be breaking into clothing for the divas out there!

Please like our page on FB and take the survey on our page. Don't forget to enter your email to receive a code for 20%OFF your first Bsteps pair! Thank you!

Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by Lisa
4/21/2014  3:46:00 PM
Hi - I'm looking for a comfortable pair of dance shoes - I have plantar faciitis, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, etc. I did try looking for your shop, Odie, but I don't have a Facebook page... do you have a regular website? Or does anyone have some good suggestions for someone whose feet are half numb and half painful, lol? Thanks!
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by ballroomchick
4/22/2014  10:19:00 AM

Have you tried Diamont shoes? I know a couple of school teachers who have switched over to this brand of shoe because they are SOOO comfortable.

They ARE a lot more expensive, but so worth the extra cost when you can dance all night long in them after being in heels teaching school all day long.
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by marjorir
4/24/2014  11:58:00 AM
Hi lisa, I have the same problems with my feet that you have. Did you get any suggestions for comfortable shoes
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by susanmarian
9/30/2014  8:21:00 AM
I own 4 pairs of shoes from Diamant. They offer a comfort line which has an arch support and a lower heel (spanish style and Cuban style). check out Carmens Dance Shoes on line as they offer a extensive choice as well as similar brands with comfort fit. They will also free ship an exchange if you need to return for size. Karizmah Dance Shoes offer a limited Diamant line. I have dealt with both businesses and they are very helpful.
Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by Bachadicta
5/21/2015  4:06:00 PM
Hey Amanda!

I have about 10 pairs of dance shoes that I've bought from appledanceshoes.com. They ahev a wide variety if Very Fine shoes at reasonable prices! You can live chat with their customer service representatives and they can help you decide what shoes would best fit you. I recommend you check out the website! :)
Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by iluvsalsa
5/21/2015  4:13:00 PM

I would suggest to get an item with mesh on the sides since it eases the tightness versus a full leather front. Take a look at some very fine styles. My wife owns C5017 from Very fine and is a happy dancer. You can purchase online. I took a look at what Bachadicta posted and they carry them. It all depends if you like the style. I hope you find comfortable shoes so you can dance the night away.
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by ada
5/22/2015  10:27:00 AM
Hello Odie:
You might consider just a regular website. I'm not on Facebook, but when I did go to your website, it required me to enter my e-mail address and then another pop up to share or like came up. Not my thing. Unfortunately, I cannot browse your shoes due to that inconvenience :(
Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by Bachadicta
5/22/2015  10:56:00 AM
Hi Amanda,

anything with extra cushioning would work great! Have you been dancing fora long time? Maybe a short heel would help. What brand of shoes did you buy? :O

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