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Re: Are there two major schools of International R
Posted by Voco
4/9/2014  11:37:00 PM
Hi terence2,

Thanks for your comment. Of course, Latin is more flexible than Standard.

It seems, you are at least partially supporting my observations. In the meantime, I asked the same question (are there 2 schools?) from a well-known teacher and she more or less agreed, adding the same observation which you also noted, that there is more room in Latin style than in Standard.

If one compares the two teaching videos, I quoted, there is a definite major difference.

What is your opinion on emphasizing to accent the 4 (as per Allen Tornsberg)? Obviously, one does not want to do that at every 4 in a routine, but it seems to me that it adds musicality, if used properly, as in the original Rumba music the 4 is predominant. He says something like: the more you hold the 1 the more you accent the 4.
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