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Re: Arthur Murray and being an Informed Consumer
5/6/2014  8:31:00 PM
I too have a certain disregard for AM. It's to bad they pray on people with little or no dance experience. It seems their only goal is for profit and exclude their students from venturing off their "turf".
It's true they "groom" you only for their showcases and spotlights. I should know, I am still in debt for the sum of 6k.
Having been a student there for two years, I started to venture out to the dance community including signing up with Ballroom dancers to try to quench my incredible thirst for more Ballroom and other dance knowledge, I was told by their Master instructor that all those other studios and sites are "Elitists".
I left there as soon as my contract expired and have since had the pleasure of meeting and being trained by the likes of Benji Schwimmer, Jen Lyons , Christine Harvey and the list goes on.
When I posted a photo of me and Benji on Facebook, I received a message from the AM studio I had taken lessons from that she was going to block me because I sounded negative in my comment about being able to finally grow in my dance abilities.
I deleted them from my friends list.
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