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Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by 40 year old previous dancer - fusion
5/14/2014  5:34:00 AM
All the research I did warned (orthopaedics obviously and podiatrists) that the gold standard for arthritis for anyone active or young is fusion as all implants fail - longest life 10 years and many fail within 2-5 if you are very active. Plus it still causes mechanical issues with the gait and strange compensations the foot does just like with a fusion, so it sounds wonderful but it must be shown to work on active people for many years before you can trust the results. I was horrified with my issue because I went in for a bone spur cleaning and came out with a fusion - because there was "zero cartilage" left - but I, like many on this site, would have chosent to "live with it" - I only agreed to any surgery at all because it was the attempt to clean it up to give more life to the joint. There is no data on "active" yound people who get fusions after 2 years. There is all this information on how they can "run half marathons" which at first gave me hope but I have since had a PT wanr me that any activity will destroy all the other toes and joints in the foot after a fusion - so I am begging for any source of info on these "runners" post fusion after year 10, 15, 25 etd - who cares about year 1-3, you can do anything for a couple years but that proves nothing abut longevity. Does anyone have any 10-30 year post fusion activity stories? Right now I can wear heels, run, raise up on the ball of my foot (8 months post op) BUT I won't do it any longer because of my new fear that over time this is going to cause all the rest of my foot to fall apart.
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