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Re: taking lessons from 2 teachers
Posted by novemberecho
5/23/2014  7:30:00 AM
I agree with nloftofan1 that there can be value in learning from two different instructors. I would never recommend it to a beginning dancer, but after four+ years you most likely have a foundation in whatever style dance you are learning. There is usually more than one right way to dance, and you may find two instructors have drastically different approaches to achieving the same end result. I would be very surprised if any of our top national or world ranked dancers learned *everything* they know from only one instructor.

That said, there is also value in consistency, and if you are becoming easily confused by the differences in instruction, you might find it easier to stick primarily with one. IME it requires a good deal of experience learning dance and a solid understanding of the basics to be able to interpret differences in teaching style as just that, and also to distinguish differences in teaching styles from the presentation of incorrect or inconsistent information.

The most important thing is for you to figure out what learning methods work best for YOU. Good luck :)
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