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Re: Society "One-Step" Foxtrot
Posted by waynelee
7/20/2014  12:45:00 PM
A real challenge to find anything on the "Society Foxtrot". Several web sites describe this dance as a foxtrot danced on each beat. In other words, instead of S-Q-Q timing, it's Q-Q-Q-Q. Apparently, this dance style was very popular in the 20's to 40's.

I did find one web site with a video of this type of foxtrot: http://prezi.com/frrune0db5z2/copy-of-1980s-dance/ This site is very difficult to navigate, but if you can find the "Foxtrot" branch as one of the branches in the diagram, and click on it to enlarge it. There is an old video of a foxtrot danced in this Q-Q-Q-Q format somewhere in the 20's.

On edit... I wonder if someone is re-introducing the Peabody and calling it "Society Foxtrot", but dancing it to the normal Foxtrot beat. In the 20's and 30's, the Peabody was danced to EXTREMELY FAST music, 228 beats per minute. This is faster than Quick Step which is around 194 to 208 beats per minute. The Peabody was danced S-S-S-S -- otherwise, who could dance it at full speed of the music. Anyway, here is a YouTube video of the Peabody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUywTzfIY1Q
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