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Re: Society "One-Step" Foxtrot
Posted by terence2
7/22/2014  5:36:00 AM
Not be confused.. Soc. F/T and peabodya re 2 different dances. The speed of P/Body is, or may be, around 50/60 bars a minute.

Soc. F/trot could be described as " brisk ". Its origins may be linked to a style know as " slicker " done primarily in Calif .And it is all based upon using the same beat thruout the dance. Most of this is reminiscient of the 20s style of dance .

P/Body was a NYC invention, as the story goes, named after an obese Cop. who could not get in "closed " position, so the dance was constructed with space between partners. It was on the A/Murray Gold.

step list until the late 60s ( I taught a few hrs of this ) It had locksteps in the basics..

Heres the the list..

Basic PB turn
Fwdlock and turn
Back lock
L Box turn
Pony in a circle
Swivel run
Six count turn
Spot grapevine
Underarm turn.

Gold Bar......

Fwd lock with hop ( ths was intoduced into QS many yrs ago )
L Spot turn
Back spiral
Pony with U/arm turn
Fallaway grapevine
P/Body pivots
Terrace step
Shuttle step
Pivot armlock

And yes, the locks are the same as those in QS, and the G/vine, same as the one used in Amer style smooth .

Theres a vid on the net somewhere of a good showcase P / Body .

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