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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Used to work at Arthur Murray also...
7/30/2014  6:32:00 PM
Please wake up. I see you've written about being an AM instructor and it's the best thing ever. You've been brainwashed and now you don't know it but you're brainwashing your students. I worked for aurthur Murray for a year. I had 0 ballroom experience. They hired me after I trained with them for about 4 hours per day and 16 hours per week(all in groups) for about 6 weeks. In 10 dances! Now I'm "certified". I was a very fast learner and a natural so I looked good even though everything about my dancing was all wrong. AM knew it and we the newbies knew it. I could also tell by this stage that there are only a few expert dancers in the bunch of instructors all over the state(we meet them often for meetings).So now I'm teaching. I noticed how quickly some of you (newbie instructors) got brainwashed. Yes, you are also brainwashing the students and I notice how many students get emotional about how we helped save their marriage or helped them come out of being a wallflower.

The point of this page is that you can get all that from another type of dance community that doesn't manipulate you. As an independent professional instructor now I still use visual and audible cues,vocal cues, psychological techniques(so students remember moves) and also motivate students to help get past uncomfortable stages in their dancing but never how I was I expected at AM. Fred astair is the same.

To be clear, None of the instructors or management is bad. They are good people. They just don't know how much BS comes out of their mouths because their studios' way becomes their CREED! I still have a close friend teaching there and she has good intentions. She considers it therapy for her students. But all the sales training and emotional manipulation kills it in my opinion. There are many dance communities where you can spend half of what you pay at AM and get better dance results. I couldnt stand when I had to learn a move right before teaching a student. Or when I saw instructors teaching styles they knew NOTHING about. Argentine tango and club salsa are excellent examples. I would watch people who have NEVER been to a club or milonga teach students who planned to go to these places. When the student asked of AM could do it AM put on a fake smile and said yes. Disgusting. They desocrated beautiful dances and pretended to know them even though they knew nothing. It's like slumdog millionaire at the taj when the young boy pretends to be a tour guide because the white people give him $100. "Right this way madam". Good answer if ur him. Disgusting if you work for aurthur murray.
If you don't get how brainwashed you are I feel bad for you.
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