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Re: What a Beginner Could Expect?
Posted by ballroomchick
8/11/2014  10:52:00 AM
As the others have said, get out of the 3" heels and go into 2 1/5 heels. NOT all dance shoes are created equal! You get what you pay for, meaning if you go inexpensive you can end up with pretty social dance shoes and no padding! Very Fine is pretty much if you are a tight budget, make sure you buy the CD versions. This is their competition dance shoes with more padding.

Leather shoes WILL steach out so you need to buy these on the snug fit side.
Satin strap shoes do not streach much at all. Buy these so they feel comfortable on your foot!

You really should go to a store that specializes in dance shoes. Make SURE you are getting the proper fit. Not all styles of dance shoes fit everyone the same way. Even sizes can vary a bit in the same brand. IF you dont have a dance shoe store locally I can recommend Karizmah Dance Shoes and Boots in Dallas. They also have a web site where you can order from. IF the shoes dont fit and IF you have not danced in them, you can return them. You might also want to call them and talk to shoe fitter to be guided to the best fitting shoe.


I always get their KB shoes. They are sprinkled through out the shoe page listing so have fun looking at all the pretty shoes. These have 2nd best padding. The VERY best padding in dance shoes is the Diamont brand of shoes. BUT at this time they don't carry real strappy shoes in the tan satin. These shoes ARE made in Germany and are well worth the money.

As far as "growing pains." If you talking about muscle fatigue. Yes you are going to feel it as you build muscle holding a proper dance frame. Gym time building lat muscles helps! Learning to pull up and hold your core. Core is EVERYTHING in dancing. Gym time helps! Your calf muscles will feel it as you when you work bolero & your smooth - holding the rise and then sliding your working leg out. Doing toe rises during the day helps build calf muscles. Waiting for elevators, standing in line at the grocery store, pumping gas in your car etc - all great times to work on these. Tango you need to work on builing your quads. Staying low in the bent knee position takes power in the knees too. That is going to take some gym work.
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