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Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by Carlie Coats
6/1/2015  7:48:00 AM
Been there, done that (October 2006), and it came out great! ...as did three other dancers to whom I recommended my surgeon for hip replacement (Scott Kelley of Duke U / NC Orthopaedics). I've danced well -- even won at Senior II NQE Prechamp Standard -- since then.

First of all, make sure the surgeon does the "anterior approach" surgery -- working through a small incision on the outside-front of the hip, instead of through the buttocks (which is the traditional approach). This approach does NOT cut muscles, blood vessels, nor nerves. And consider having the "dancers model" of replacement hip: it gives a greater range of motion.

My recovery was very good, they tell me: I was walking without crutches at two weeks, and did about an hour and a half of competitive foxtrot practice at 17 days (my wife started getting sweaty and wimped out on me at that point . Of course, they also tell me that the fact I was in good shape from dancing helped the recovery a lot.
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