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Re: quickstep after the natural spin turn
Posted by socialdancer
7/12/2016  8:01:00 AM
The answer to that must be - it depends.

Certainly it is physically possible to dance those steps, so it can be done.
It is non-standard however so it would not be allowed in many types of competition, but there is a very similar figure, see below.

There is also the matter of what you might dance after that step as there would be limited choice in normal quickstep starting with the man's left foot from that position.

A more typical follow from a spin turn would be a progressive chasse, which you may also know as the back half of a basic, and this leaves the man free to start the next figure with his right foot which offers more choice.

The progressive chasse is sometimes referred to as a "quarter turn to the left" .
Technically that is incorrect as the quarter turn to the left is an older figure, less often dance these days but it may be acceptable in competition. For the lady the steps are essentially the same as 4-6 reverse turn, but the man steps back on his right foot as the lady steps forward, then pivots on his right heel and closes his left foot to his right foot without putting weight on it while the lady dances her side & close. The effect is thus very similar to 4-6 reverse turn.

I hope that helps. I've made the assumption that you are relatively new to learning quickstep. My apologies if that is wrong, but if I am correct I would suggest you rely on your teacher to build a routine for you and to develop it as you progress.
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