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Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
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11/12/2016  1:02:00 AM
Hi. I am a competitive ballroom dancer. I had metal on metal replacements in my 40s and was able to return to dance. I can do splits on both sides still, but lost turnout required for ballet, which I used for conditioning. I am having my second set of replacements in the next 6 months. The first lasted 7 years, though some issues arose after 3 years when metal debris was discovered as well as toxic metal levels. If you have metal on metal, there are no contraindications for dance, but do have your metal levels checked. Men usually do fine. Metal levels are usually an issue confined to flexible women. Metal on metal are no longer legal in the UK due to the metallosis issue. There are plastic and ceramic appliances. Pick the one that's right for you based on the need for degrees of freedom versus the need to support impact such as quikstep or theatre arts. Your surgeon can position them to allow more turnout if desired. If you do latin versus standard, you might want to discuss positioning with your surgeon. Good luck.
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