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Re: Latin Motion
Posted by wesleysnow
12/2/2016  2:16:00 PM
I'm not really a member of Ballroom... Just a concerned individual. I used to teach for Arthur Murray's International and know how hard latin motion can be to most of us. About five percent of the population can simply "do it" while the rest of us (I include myself in this) must struggle through mastering the skill.
I call it a skill because I have always felt it should be taught separately from the dance (although I use rumba to teach it). It is a skill set all its own.
However, I do believe it is a door that must be passed before dance comes to life.
Mostly, I suppose, this is just encouragement to not surrender. Remember, slow is better. If you can't do it slowly, you can't do it fast. Start in rumba and master it there first.
My good wishes to you.
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