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Re: quickstep after the natural spin turn
Posted by germandanceteacher
1/6/2017  6:55:00 AM
Of course "4 - 6 of Rev. Turn" is possible.
In former technique it was the second half of the Quarter Turn including man's "Heel Pivot", for less advanced dancers changed to a "Waltz step" as described above.
We could call it "Chasse Rev. Turn" (ISTD "Moore"-Ballroom Techn.) with man doing lady's steps and lady doing man's steps.
It is important that the man is leading this "side - close" different to a Progressive Chasse:
- He does a very small side step
- Has no "body turns less" at the closing
- lowers e/o 3 to start the following part with heel and CBM (I say "kind of Tango-Feeling" - nearly CBMP) so that his left leg is very close to the outside of lady's right leg as the 1st step of the following figure.
So overall he has to stop lady's progression.
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