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Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by deborahvilano
2/14/2017  9:20:00 AM
I'd like to talk about difficulties in a different light as it relates to Arthur Murray. Both my husband and I have been taking lessons for 3 years at Arthur Murray, and we are very pleased with our level of instruction. What is missing, however, is an ability to easily remember and practice what we learned in a lesson.

Isn't it time that every Arthur Murray work with a website like Ballroom dancers so we can go home and see a professional video of what we've just learned so we can practice it? I realize we can video what we've just learned, but that eats into our lesson, and quite often doesn't depict everything at the right angle to see the steps for both the man's and woman's part. Additionally, if the step is being done with a student, and the student doesn't know the step yet, there will be errors in his or her video, which will then be practiced by the student. Another issue is finding the video months later, because if you don't name it and save it properly, it's always a chore to find it. My husband and I often refer to ballroomdancers for specific Arthur Murray steps, but they aren't called by the same names, or they are sometimes done slightly different: and this is my frustration with Arthur Murray. Truthfully, it's 2017 and the use of the Internet and Videos (where you can slow them down to analyze the step) would be so helpful. Furthermore, I truly believe that Arthur Murray franchises would benefit from making videos available because this would keep students from getting discouraged and dropping out.

Over the years I have recommended this, (although I have not mentioned it to the new owners of our studio) and the thought was that it would result in students turning to the videos and not taking lessons: I believe just the opposite. Most people can't learn alone from watching a video-- but it's sure a fantastic tool for practice and reinforcement. I also once wrote the main office in Florida to suggest this and didn't even get a response.

Furthermore, I believe that a system could be created that when a student learns a step during a private lesson, the video is released for practice which is available for a certain period of time OR videos for a specific dance at a certain level are released to practice. It's time to begin to think differently about how to attract and maintain students. The price per lesson is very high, many cannot afford it, and for those who can, they want to see more progress. I'm 60 years old, and having a video of the material I just learned would be a huge asset for me. It's just too difficult for me to remember all the material.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
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