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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Your business
2/19/2017  7:23:00 PM
Hello person who is mad about Arthur Murray. I'm not going to be bias but I will say this being I was an instructor at AM. Your probably upset because you just can't dance. I'm not trying to mean or rude promise. But some people have two left feet. Some people have even 1 left foot. And in this case yes there are times when people pay for lessons and they are upset because they feel as though they wasted money. But this is where common sense should kick in don't keep paying for something you can offord if you are not happy with it. Because honestly it's not about the money for many people or even learning to dance it's about the experience. Doing something that makes you smile like bowling. Most people suck at it but always end up doing it again bc it's fun. I have left Am to venture out to many studios bc I wanted to see if I was getting fair treatment. You know what I learned? In other studios instructors curse and are unprofessional and dirty and disorganized. To say the least at Arthur Murray you are getting a clean well mannered instructor who at least "pretends to care about your well being" even if they do or don't the point is at least you feel good when you are there and if you don't then it's not for you. So don't worry cause every closed door opens 10 more instead of sitting on a computer ranting go find that open door.
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