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Re: Don't make new couples change partners
Posted by RL
2/26/2017  10:59:00 AM
nloftofan1, I think your story is an excellent example of a studio that did a great job! When you first started, they made you and your spouse feel welcome to stay together. Over time, you saw the benefits of changing partners and when you were comfortable, you did! That's wonderful.

Studios that put too much of an emphasis on changing partners early on lose students. The reason that they do this is primarily (if we're being honest) so that singles don't have to sit out as much during socials when the numbers are uneven. However, teachers can use this as an opportunity to grow your classes by encouraging your singles to bring someone of the opposite gender to the next class / social. Also, you should hire teacher aids that will be able to dance with singles.

Again, if the teacher explains the benefits of changing partners without making couples feel awkward for not changing, the couples will almost always see the benefit eventually and gradually begin to change partners without being coerced into doing so.
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