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Re: Don't make new couples change partners
Posted by bob
3/16/2017  2:58:00 PM
Hi, its bob again. I have tried what you suggest and in my experience I get a shocked "no" from the woman and a dirty look from the guy she is with. Let's face it, quite a few men feel "this is my woman!". Also, I don't want any trouble and I certainly don't want to get any blood on my shoes when I beat the crap out of him (ha!).

Dancing, like alot of things I suppose, is an exercise in human nature. I try to read the women at dances. Should I approach? Is she available? How does she dance? What kind of dances/movements is she good at, and/or like? And, How does she look at the guy she is with? bored? amused? turned-on? just being polite? or is she a mystery?

There is also something called "date night" which seems very odd to me. If they just want to be together couldn't they stay home and play the radio?
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