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"Diagonal to centre"?
Posted by phil.samways
4/13/2017  10:45:00 AM
Hi again everybody. Now this will sound like a trivial question but I'd like some views on it please. We all hear about diagonal centre DC and DW and any diagrams in books or web-sites show the classic 8 directions along and backing LOD (which is unambiguous ) to wall, to centre, and backing these. Then we have directions which are 45 degrees (2/8 of a turn)to these - DW, DC, and backing these.
Now I've (a senior pre-champ international standard dancer) heard some teachers say things like "take that DW step towards the corner" .I understand that the 45 degrees are not meant to be at protractor precision, and of course in an actual competition, some compromise might be unavoidable. My difficulty with the "aim for the corner" concept is 3-fold:
1) that on a long, narrow floor, this could become almost LOD and the figures (e.g. outside change to PP) would dance differently. And I daren't ask how DC might be interpreted from halfway down the long side of the floor.
2) all technique books talk about "3/8 turn" between steps 1and 2 (for example) which strongly implies from backing LOD to 45 degrees DW (as an example).
3) why not just call it "TC" (to corner)?
Sorry to seem a little pedantic, but it's bothering me and causing some partnership problems (and thus important to clarify). You may have guessed that my background is in science. But please don't be upset by that - somebody has to do it.
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