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Re: "Diagonal to centre"?
Posted by Guest
4/18/2017  12:33:00 AM
You`ve lost me here On the bit were you say in paragraph two, " at a corner ".
Look at the top left where it says Re " Diagonal " . Stand in Reply and step towards the D. of " Diagonal " with the R.F. Now step across to the top of the D. with the L.F.and bring the feet together having now made 3/8`s of a Turn. You are now facing strait down the floor against the L.O.D. It doe not matter if you are on side one or side two thats how you should complete the first three steps of a Natural Turn. Now turn the whole thing a 1/4 of a turn to the left The words Re Diagonal would be at the bottom left corner you are now on side two. And proceed with you Natural Turn. Which of course would be at the top starting side two
In the first Medal I took which was Bronze . In the Quickstep half way down side one we had to do a complete Natural Spin Turn to finish backing Diagonal to the Center with the L.O.D and continue down the floor to the corner with a Progressive Chasses and a Lock Steps .Still on side One.
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