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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Mondo
4/18/2017  5:26:00 PM
It is expensive. $140 per 40 minute lesson they charge the credit card on the 1st of the month for one lesson per week which is $560. Ouch. Or it can be $700 if there happen to be 5 lessons in the long month. Plus every once in a while I'll take an extra lesson per week because I really like the lessons and oh yeah I fell in love with my instructor LOL. The instructors are good at making you fall in love with them.

I know they do a lot of sales and a lot of feeding the ego. But I don't mind so much. I've always been socially awkward - a loner - and am newly separated from my wife. So rather than be a lonely old man, I get to go do this fun thing, and try to learn how to socialize. It's difficult for someone like me, I'm really out of my comfort zone but I'm forcing myself to try.

I don't feel like they're "scamming" me; I feel like I pay for the service they provide which yes, does include being extra nice to me and being flirty. Every job involves "acting" in some way if you think about it. I have tried seeing therapists for my socializing difficulties, and they never helped much. In many ways going to AM is like going to a therapist, only a lot more beautiful therapist where I get to have fun dancing and exercise. Dancing is both physical and mental exercise which creates endorphins. I always feel better when leaving the studio.
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