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Re: Where does 'syllabus' originate?
Posted by terence2
4/23/2017  8:37:00 AM

There are several claimants for todays " Syl "..

Laure Haille ( spelling may be different ), who worked briefly for A. Murray's in the late 40s and 50s,put the 1st one together at that time.

There have been additions over the years , from several sources . And, there are steps in the Syl, that were co-opted from other dances .

If you want a detailed history, go to Dance Forums and the Swing section. There is a biographer (Steve Pastor ) who has written numerous articles, on Swing in general.
Re: Where does 'syllabus' originate?
Posted by A_Swing_Learner
4/23/2017  3:43:00 PM
Thanks, Terence2. That's very helpful.
Re: Where does 'syllabus' originate?
Posted by terence2
4/24/2017  10:34:00 PM

You're welcome..
Re: Where does 'syllabus' originate?
Posted by nloftofan1
4/25/2017  12:15:00 PM
In American style dance there is no single syllabus, as there is (pretty much) in what we call International style. The particular syllabus reached from the link you posted is the BallroomDancers.com syllabus. The major studios (Fred Astaire, Arthur Murray) have their own syllabi. Standards organizations (USISTD, NDCA) have theirs. DanceVision is another popular syllabus. Of course there are many figures common to several syllabi, but they are not identical. This isn't usually a problem for social dancing, but competitions generally specify which syllabus they require.
Re: Where does 'syllabus' originate?
Posted by 10 Dance master
5/8/2017  10:22:00 PM
The East Coast Swing Is Also Refered To As: Triple Time Swing And Ballroom Swing.Its All One In The Same. Good Luck.
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