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Re: Teacher opinion
Posted by fadslaguna
5/1/2017  7:35:00 PM
Hey Joel,

As a professional, I can say the Chasse is tricky. to make it very clear the lady has to keep her right side closed to her partner. Also you have to kept your left side closed. The Chasse is truly a "side-together-side" action. If either persons legs can swing freely to take it as "forward-forward-forward, the follow will likely miss it. Also, often times the rise gets in the way. If the leader rises too early it is hard to distinguish. The majority of the rise should be put on the "together" not before it, which is where most people put it. Try strengthing up your frame to make sure the lady stays with her right side toward you, and you keep your left toward her in promenade. stay low until you get to the closing action.

The lock actin is a all about body position. if you flatten out the natural spin, the lady won't have the room to do the lock action...this is pure CBM stuff. keep you left side forward coming out of the spin turn and that should allow correct positioning. Also, stay low until the locking action. Infect if I had to guess based off of the 2 steps you've given me, without ever having seen you dance, id say you are probably rising too early, but it could also be a mix of CBM and rise.

Good Luck and Happy Dancing
- Marcus
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