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Re: Teacher opinion
Posted by Guest
5/5/2017  1:27:00 AM
The Lock step in the Quickstep is taken Diagonal to the wall with the L.O.D.
So. Facing Diagonal to the wall with the L.O.D. If we do a 1/4 of a turn to the Right on our Basic. Followed by a Quarter of a turn to our Left on our Progressive Chasse . Our Left shoulder should be leading when we take our first step on our Right Foot outside Partner in C.B.M.P . diagonal to the wall. Keep the Left side leading into our Natural Spin Turn. The position of the two bodies does not change throughout the whole of that group. Open, or turn away from our partner changing our position is the most common mistake. What we do is give the lady a clear indication that we are turning by literally cutting her off on the first step of the Natural Spin Turn again in C.B.M.P.
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